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parentsHey parents! Let kids see how alternative energy can be applied in daily life--not as something they learn about in school, but something they see in action at home. As you introduce your child to sustainable ideas, don't forget that it can be rewarding and lots of fun! Explore the activities page for a fun weekend activity. You and your child can have a delicious hot-dog roast together thanks to the sun's energy. If you think you want to reduce your dependence on the grid and save some money in the process, you may also consider putting solar panels on your home. The mission of SolarTown is to educate those who think this is the best choice, provide learning resources, guide you along the way, and eventually, provide the product itself. Below are a few helpful links if you want to learn more.

Introduction to Solar Panels

Solar Panels Produce Financial and Environmental Benefits

Find out how you can save money and reduce your dependency on the grid. The first step is knowing the right questions to ask. For the environmentally concious, this means considering where you can cut energy costs throughout the home before making the switch to solar, with suggestions highlighted in the audit section.  When considering panels, you'll want to ask: Where will I get the best sunlight? Are there any HOA or municpal restrictions to consider? You can find help calculating your cost of installation, and begin to dream about all the potential savings that come with incentives and locked energy costs for life!

What you Need to Know When Selecting a Solar PV Installer

So you've done your research and you're ready to get your solar panels. Now the major decision you face is whether to hire an installer who will take care of the whole process for you, or whether you will opt to do it yourself. If you prefer the simplicity of former option, this article will guide you through selecting the right PV installer for you. Again, knowing the best questions to ask will yeild the best answers: does this installer have the required experience? Find tips from within the Installing solar panelsbusiness, ranging from knowing your installer's references, asking if your installer will warranty the products if the manufacterer does not, asking how much repairs will cost after the service agreement expires, and most importantly, making sure you get it  all in writing! Read more...

Installing Solar Energy System Yourself

Some customers may find the cost savings of DIY appealing, opting to get hands-on, and deal with the engineer,  electrician, and roofer, seperately. This option allows more control on the customer's part, but if you think this is  right for you, there are still several guidlines to follow. This article will help you along the way, making sure you   know what to buy, with an explanation of what each component of your system really does. Don't know how much  sunlight you recieve in a day? We'll send you to a link to that will tell you. The simple math equation will ensure you  are accounting for the accurate amount of energy from the panels vs. from the grid. I wouldn't go forward without it! Read more...

Solar Installation Challenges

 You dDIYaring DIY installers out there are not alone! This friendly first-hand report from one of  our own will guide you through the joys and trials of installing your PV system. Glean  some  words of wisdom from someone who's been there, done that, and made mistakes  along the way, as well as gain some words of encouragement. As he puts it: "If you've done  any home  improvement or are familiar withthe aisles at Home Depot, chances are, you have the  skills needed to install an array, and install it well." To learn more, Read more...

 Consumer Guide to Buying Solar Panels

Whether you are hiring an installer or opting to DIY, you will still need to decide which solar panel is right for you. All panels sold at SolarTown have been through testing and have warranties up to 25 years. However, not every solar panel is created equal. Is it worth it to go for the most expensive product on the market? Or can you get an equivalent product at a lower cost? We understand that your goal is to maximize the electrical output over a long period of time for minimal cost-- so with this in mind, there are several factors to consider when deciding which panel is the best fit for you. This article defines solar jargon like Limited Warranted Power, PTC and STC ratings, and stays updated on what the expected lifetime of a quality solar panel should be. To learn more, Read more...

Economic Incentives

It's true that buying solar panels for your home can be an affordable choice, and will save money in the long-run on your energy costs. However, in order to make this happen, you must educate yourself on all the available economic incentives available and take full advantage. This article will guide you through the process. Now is a great time to be going solar, as the federal government and many state and local governments, as well as some utility companies, are offering cash or other incentives to jumpstart the use of alternative energy. Educate yourself on available rebates, tax credits, property and sales tax exemptions, REC's, net metering, tarrifs, and more...

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